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Crocheter Spotlight
April, 2017

Barbara Davis ~ Palm Bay, Florida


"Mid Florida Sheltie Rescue"
I founded “Mid Florida Sheltie Rescue” in 2004 out of the love for dogs, especially shelties!
Our "Not-for-Profit" Rescue consists of a small group of volunteers who assist in rehabilitating, fostering and placing homeless Shetland Sheepdogs.

Many of our Shelties are recovering from neglect, abuse or have been abandoned by people they loved.  


Our primary concern is placing each Sheltie into a loving, FUREVER home. The Shelties we take in are owner surrenders and also come from Animal Shelters.

We then foster the Shelties in our own homes, as if they were our own. We learn their temperament in order to place them in the best matched, forever home.


I have been buying fabric since 2011 from Lora and Rags To Rugs with an idea to help raise funds for our rescue.
We make raffle baskets which include crate pads for a soft place to lay.  
They make wonderful floor mats for food and water bowls.  Not to forget make wonderful gifts for friend and family. 
The shelties love Lora's Rags to Rugs!
If you'd like to learn more about the Mid Florida Sheltie Rescue,
or if you'd be interested in making a donation, click the links below!
Or, Call or Write for more Information!
Mid Florida Sheltie Rescue
1480 Meadowbrook Road NE
Palm Bay, Florida
321 345 4527


Crocheter Spotlight
March, 2017

Sandy Umphrey ~ Midland, Michigan

"Sandy's Rugs for Life"
Making Rag Rugs has been my personal therapy during a long eye surgery recovery.  After being suddenly disabled with sight problems I needed something to do, quick!
Having been employed 20 plus years in the chemical industry and now not being able to work or drive, I didn’t want to be completely bonkers with boredom!  
What could I do?  I love crafts and I could SEE the knots created with a large Q hook; crafting rag rugs was my answer!  (Some people call us hookers!). Lora's awesome video instructions helped me on my way!
My Facebook page,  My Facebook page, "Sandy's Rugs for Life", showcases my work. Find a rug you like, make a donation to the "Pregnancy Care Center" in Saginaw, Michigan and you get a rug!
My motto:  If life gives you lemons, make a rug!
Click the links below to learn more of Sandy's work!
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