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    • Front and Back of fabric are different ...

    • Do you sell Custom Made Rugs?

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    "Jelly Rolls" ... top

    I see "jelly rolls" in so many craft & fabric stores.  Are they a good deal and if so, will you be carrying them soon? ~ To be truthful, I don't feel the jelly rolls are such a good deal.

    Jelly Rolls are collections of 2 1/2" x 44" strips of fabric.  They typically include 40 strips of fabric but can vary.

    Most stores sell the rolls for $25 to $39 per roll.  If you factor this out, you are receiving less than 3 yards of 44" fabric therefore costing you $8 - $13/yard.


    "Mix & Match" - FREE shipping on Fabric Rolls!! ... top

     "Mix & Match" ~ ANYTIME you order ANY 4 rolls of fabric ("Rug On A Roll"), your order will ship FREE! ~ Simply record your choices in the field supplied and your order will be charged NO shipping!

    # Foundational chains in a rectangular rug (vs. oval) ... top

    Do you use the same formula for the size in determining the beginning number of chains in a rectangular rug as you do in the oval rugs? ~ Yes, we failed to include that on the DVD but you are correct! You will use the same formula to address fabric needs and beginning number of (foundational) chains for both rectangular and oval.  The only difference is that you will use slightly more fabric for the rectangular because you are crocheting into the corners.

    Crocheting on Demand ... top

    I have a silly question......received my kit and at RND 12.....when do I know when to stop the "1SC Around"? ~ Not silly at all! It's a question that is asked often! Refer to the section on the DVD "Crocheting on Demand" and I'm confident you will know how to proceed.  This is a wonderful technique that will ASSURE success in the rug project!   Here's a quick review:  

    "Making larger rugs is very easy.  We refer to it as "Crocheting on Demand".

    As you are adding additional rows to your rug you will need to add additional chains to ease tension the larger the rug becomes.  As you are crocheting, be sensitive to those areas that feel/appear stressed - as if it's too far a reach to the next chain without buckling your rug.  Most likely you'll need to add an additional chain there.

    You'll use this technique for both round and oval rugs.  (On oval rugs remember that if you will never add additional stitches on the sides - ONLY in the corners.  AND, if you add a stitch in one corner, you'll need to add an additional stitch in appoximately the same position in the remaining 3 corners).

    Every 1-2 rows lay your rug on the floor to be certain it is laying flat. If you sense it starting to curl, you may decide to back off a few stitches or redo a row adding an additional stitch or two.  Some rows you may find that you do not have to add any additional stitches - most you'll need to add 2-3 spaced evenly throughout each round.


    These rugs are very "forgiving" - so don't stress too much about where you are adding the additional stitches.  Just let the rug "talk" to you - telling you when an additional stitch might be necessary to ease tension a allow your rug to continue to lay flat!


    It's actually quite easy and you'll be able to use the method of "Crocheting on Demand" to make virtually any sized rug"!

    How to wash your rug ... top

    Are the finished rugs washable? ~ We srongly recommend the rugs be hand washed in the bathtub or washtub.  Soak them really well, squishing the water through the fiber (or pull up the ol' pant legs and force the water through the fiber with your feet).  Rinse well.

    Roll in a terry cloth towel, lay flat to dry, shaping just a bit.  A good place to dry your rug is on your deck on a breezy, sunny day.  They'll be dry in no time at all.  Once dry, spray front and back with a light coating of Scotchguard to keep stains and dirt at bay. (AMAZING product!  You can usually find this at any store.)

    In between washings, consider fluffing in the dryer - maybe 6-8 minutes.  This will reenergize the fiber, restoring its fluffiness and removing any accumulated dust and debris that has settled onto the rug! 

    Front and Back of fabric are different ... top

     Is there a way to keep only the right side of the fabric showing on the front side of the rug?~ When we are using fabrics where the reverse side is an obvious different color than the front, we simply fold as we crochet.  It really doesn't take that much longer to do this and is DEFINITELY a lot less time consuming than ironing the strips in half which is something a lot of women do. 

    Do you sell Custom Made Rugs? top

    I saw your ad in Country Sampler Magazine! Love your rugs! Do you only sell kits or do you also sell custom rugs?

    Yes! We sell deluxe kits and ready-made rugs from each of these collections! We do not, however, do custom rugs.  We at one time did.  Unfortunately, we no longer have time to. 

    Rug Backing for your rug .... top

    Do you recommend any type of product to use on the back of your rugs so that they don't slip? OR do you recommend a non-slip pad?

    We do not recommend the non-slip pads you can buy and custom cut sold in the stores. In our opinion, they cause too much jarring when used under a rug and is not only harmful to the fiber but can discolor your flooring.

    Instead we recommend a product we discovered at hobby-lobby (it may be in other stores as well). It's a latex rug-backing product. You "paint" it on the back of your rug with a sponge brush. It's VERY easy to do!! I start in the middle of the rug and lightly paint it on working from the center out. Leave to cure for 48 hours. The product is nearly transparent and is machine washable. It comes in many different sizes; I purchase the smallest size for about $10.  It lasts forever !! ("Rug Backing" by Saf-T-Bak - non-skid coating)

    Length strips ... / # strips in each roll of fabric ... top

    What are the length of your fabric strips? How many strips are in each fabric roll? ~ The length of each fabric strip in the rolls varies.  Anywhere from 24" to 45" on average.  The rolls are continuous feed, pre-connected 2" fabric strips.  Therefore, it's one LONG strip 100 yards long!

    International shipping ... top

    I live in Canada and found you in "Country Sampler" Magazine! Do you ship internationally? ~ Yes! We ship internationally daily!  We do offer our DVD FREE shipping anywhere in the world! (You can't beat that!)

    All other orders, we will explore the least expensive/reliable method and will invoice you for the additional postal required.  Only actual shipping is charged you!

    When to use Transition Technique on Variegated Rugs ... top

    Do you transition on the variegated or just solid rows, and row rugs? ~ We only use the transition technique when incorporating a solid
    row(s) so that "stair-stepping" isn't evident.  It's not necessary on the variegated rugs - unless you decide to incorporate a random solid row or solid border.  We also use the transition technique on ALL rows on row rugs for the same reason.

    Is the Fabric in our Deluxe Kits and Fabric rolls pre-cut? ... top

    Does the material in your kit come in strips or do I have to cut the strips? ~ The fabric contained in our Deluxe kits and fabric rolls is pre-cut into 2" strips, pre-connected, continuous feed.  100 yards on each roll!  No cutting necessary! The strips are already cut and connected for you!

    If you decide, however, to use your own fabric you will want to cut it into 2" strips.  Using a sharp pair of shears or a rotary cutter/mat is the preferred method.

    Yards of Strips or Yards of Fabric? ... top

    On the card (cheat sheet) you provide (with the DVD), when you say a rug requires so many yards, do you mean yards of strips or yards of fabric? ~ Great question!  The answer is yards ... not strips.  So if it says 15 yards it means 15 yards of 44" fabric - straight off the bolt.  If it is 60" fabric you will obviously need less.

    Staging your fabrics ... top

    When you make your rugs how do you go about selecting your strips?  Do you just close your eyes and pick one or do you have a plan?  Your rugs really are beautiful and I would like mine to look the same. ~ I normally lay like fabric "mini bundles" together in front of me and stage alternating dark then lighter like little soldiers all in a row. I set aside the very dominant fabrics and incorporporate those as I go and balancing them as I go. Then I start at one end and work my way through the row of fabrics attaching them.

    I only connect about 20 fabrics (40 strips) for a rug. And I manually stage the rest as I go.

    I normally start with a darker color (sometimes solid) in the center and usually the same darker fabric in the interior again balancing it. It helps to "pop" the colors.

    By balancing the colors I mean: one on one end, one on the other end. As well, one on one side and one and the other side. Because they are more dominant, bolder colors, I don't want them to clump together all in one section of the rug.

    I normally use 2 each of one fabric (approximately 5 yards) throughout. Because it takes about 9" for one stitch, you can normally get 18-20 stitches out of each this way and your rug is more fluid then choppy in appearance.

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