A Display Rug is one that was made to market a new fabric collection.  

It was used in a photo shoot at our warehouse
OR in "Country Sampler" magazine. 

Enjoy HUGE discounts on these beautiful one of a kind rugs!

#147  30x42 Oval

#147 30x42" Oval

This extra large rug was featured in "Country Sampler" and is a stunner! A nursery would be the perfect home for it! VERY generous in size (30x42") and generous in personality! Soft pastel pink, yellow, green with crisp white!

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#140  25x34 Oval

#140 25x34" Oval

This rug has a full palette of browns & ecru, and subtle rust influences! Its scalloped border adds to its charm!

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Rug #135  23x31 Oval

Rug #135 23x31" Oval

This rug was constructed with Homespun Fabrics and has a deep, rich color palette sure to compliment your country home!!

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Rug #141  26x36 Oval

Rug #141 26x36" Oval

This is a very friendly rug - full of personality! Consider using it in your sunroom, guest bath or nursery! It will definitely light up the room!

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Rug #152  26x34 Oval

Rug #152 26x34" Oval

If green is your favorite color, you're going to LOVE this rug! This beauty has a full green palette, cocoa, dark bark, butterscotch and terracotta influences! The scalloped border completes its beauty!

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Rug #165  25x35 Oval

Rug #165 25x35" Oval

This nautical friendly rug draws your eye into its stunning beauty! Rich Blue palette, Dark browns, taupe, and sandstone! Definitely therapy on your feet & eyes!! Scalloped bordered!

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#130  24x34 Oval

#130 24x34" Oval

"Sweet Dreams!" is the perfect description for this sweet flannel rug! You just want to curl up with it and enjoy its softness AND sweetness! The perfect touch for a nursery!

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#133  26x34 Oval

#133 26x34" Oval

Warm brown tones throughout this oval, scalloped rug! Sure to compliment any and every room of your house! Subtle tones to compliment without dominating your room décor!

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#131  24x35 Oval

#131 24x35" Oval

Bright & Cheery! Colorful & Charming! This fun rug is sure to be the delight of your sweet princess! Her room will come to life with this stunning rug! Scalloped border completes its charm!

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#149  26x37 Oval

#149 26x37" Oval

Sitting on a tropical beach in awe of the turquoise waters is what comes to mind when we see this rug! A GORGEOUS palette of dark pastel blues, and greens! The camera can't do this one justice! Finished off with a scalloped border!

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#26  30x39 Oval

#26 30x39" Oval

This is a personal favorite of ours - full of life and personality and charm! You can't help but smile when you see it! Soft pastel yellow, and turquoise blended throughout! Very generous in size (30x39") & Very generous in charm! The picture doesn't come CLOSE to capturing its beauty!

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#134  26x36

#134 26x36"

This dark, color-rich rug is a beauty! The picture just can't do it justice! It would be perfect shown off in front of your fireplace! Rich brown tones throughout with dark green, rust and terracotta mixed in the palette!

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#132  25x33 Oval

#132 25x33" Oval

Spring is the first word that comes to mind with the sweet rug! It reminds us of a flower garden as fall blends into early spring! Soft pink, yellows, green and white! A delightful rug sure to bring a smile!

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Americana Flag Custom (Fabric)

Americana Flag Custom (Fabric)

Decorate year 'round with this beautiful Americana flag.

Show off your American pride!!


Featured in the June/July 2014 edition of "Country Sampler" magazine!!

Generous in size 20 x 27"!

Crocheted with quality fabrics and accessorized with burlap, felt, jute and decorated with a beautiful wooden button!

$88.00 Sale! $79.99
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JUTE Rugs and JUTE Rug Kits!

JUTE Rugs and JUTE Rug Kits!

These beautiful & durable rugs can be used inside OR outside!

The jute is continuous feed, therefore no connecting of strips or staging of fabrics!


YOU Choose!

A custom made jute RUG or a rug KIT!! 


Our kits include:

900 feet of 6 ply jute - enough to complete TWO 24x34" rugs!

"Q" crochet hook / 3 Crochet Markers
Our popular Instructional DVD 
Additional patterns for Heart shape & Scalloped Border  


  EVERYTHING you'll need to make this oval rug or any other shape!  


JUTE Custom Flag

JUTE Custom Flag

This 24x30" crocheted Americana Flag is made with hand dyed 6 ply jute!
Display it proudly in many settings - indoors or outdoors!
Rugged and charming!
Vintage in personality and appearance!
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$78.00 Sale! $72.00